10 hot-button CX topics for financial services businesses

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Learn how to break down silos and unify objectives to lay the foundation for sophisticated omnichannel customer engagement strategies within FSI.

Today’s consumer has a wealth of choice in the way they interact with financial services companies. Brick-and-mortar bank branches are now only one touch point in a wider customer journey that includes apps, online, chat, telephone and social media. Digital – first is the new reality, with customer experience the only sustainable competitive advantage. And the more connected people are, the more frustrated they become at businesses that treat them differently depending on which channel they’re using.  

You can’t truly put the customer first if a complex patchwork of systems, resulting from merged technologies and processes, prevents your employees from delivering positive outcomes. You can’t simplify the customer experience when you’re still playing channel pinball. If all you have is a simple interaction history rather than intelligent insight, you can’t offer well-timed and targeted recommendations that make the customer feel like you truly know them. And if you can’t resolve issues in the first instance, customers will soon tire of time on hold listening to the strains of Mozart’s Symphony No 40 on eternal loop.

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