BlueSky™ Performance Monitoring

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This document describes how BlueSky™ Performance Monitoring delivers a solution for monitoring GNSS Observables and characterizing live-sky GNSS signals to provide signal visibility for better protection and security of GNSS reception.

Critical infrastructure sectors have widely adopted the use of GNSS-derived position, navigation, and time (PNT) to support their safety critical operations and enable significant capacity and efficiency improvements through GNSS PNT’s extreme position and timing accuracy.  While accuracy is important and has been a primary driver for this evolution, the availability, integrity, and continuity of PNT services are essential to maintain the safety and security of these systems and its users.  GNSS disruption or manipulation (i.e., jamming or spoofing, intentional or unintentional) can directly impact critical infrastructure operations and potentially jeopardize public safety, as well.  This document describes how GNSS visibility can be an integral part of building greater security and resiliency in order to provide an Assured PNT framework.

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